A Letter From the Department of Health

Receving a letter from the Department of Health would normally send a paralysing wave of panic through most health-obsessed hypochondriacs such as myself. On this occasion, however, as I mentioned in ‘A Letter From No. 10 Downing Street’, I was in fact expecting a reply from Health Secretary Andrew Lansley or (more likely) from one of his advisors regarding my article on students’ binge-drinking: ‘Why Do Students Love Booze’. I was encouraged to discover that the matter, as you can discover yourself from reading the letter, is ostensibly an issue with which the central and local governments are attempting to address. I will continue to keep a watchful eye, though, over both governments’ actions over the matter of alcohol abuse: I still suspect it is far more severe than anyone in either our local or central governments could ever have imagined. So far, also, I have found no evidence to suggest they are taking action locally.

A Letter From No. 10 Downing Street

I sent my article on the subject of student drinking (‘Why Do Students Love Booze?’) to the Prime Minister in a spontaneous moment of activism sometime towards the end of May. Over a month later, having totally forgotten about posting the article addressed to ‘The Right Honourable Mr. D. Cameron MP’ (his name barely fitted on the envelope), I received this response from Downing Street’s ‘Communications Officer’. Unsurprisingly, the reply did not go into much (if any at all) detail about the aforementioned article, but I look forward to hearing from the ‘Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ sometime soon.
Forgive me, please, for hiding my address. It is only that, after the government suggested we should do so, I have taken the initiative to protect my privacy. I already have enough junk mail (and letters from indebted banks) already.