About me

Me - in my favourite Madrid café

Me – in my favourite Madrid café

Hello there, dear reader.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to my personal – and professional-looking, I hope – website.

My name, as you’ve probably established by this website’s URL, is Ben Stupples – with my surname pronounced like ‘Up’, not ‘Oop’, as many people do (to my private amusement).

This website started four years ago in the bedroom of my Madrid apartment, where I lived for the third year of my undergraduate degree, when I decided I should have one if I was ever going to fulfil my long-held ambition of being a journalist.

Like Madonna’s music over the past four decades, the website’s changed a lot over the past four years. Instead of a 20-year-old, Spanglish-speaking student, I’m now a 24-year-old financial journalist (with a decent grip on Spanish) at Bloomberg BNA, and you can find clippings of my reporting through my online Portfolio. (This is the page that I update most regularly.)

To get in touch with me, please visit my Contact page, which includes details for my personal email address, Twitter and LinkedIn.



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